June 10

Garments: 10 mistakes that most people make

How to Choose the Best Clothes Steamer If you ever had a wrinkled shirt, a rumpled dress or drapes that look like crinkled bed sheets, you would know that ironing can be such a tiring experience. Today more people are discovering the advantages of having their own clothes steamer to smooth out a pleat or steam out the wrinkles from a sweater that has been tucked away in a drawer. Clothes steamers are appliances that are made to take wrinkles out of fabrics, plus they also reduce odors. Using a steamer is fairly easier and takes a shorter amount of time than using an iron, and in most cases, they can remove creases a lot faster than the traditional iron does. Without knowing the facts and the quality standards behind each company, choosing a brand of garment steamer can be quite difficult especially when the true test happens when you bring your steamer home. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind before making your final decision on which model to purchase. Professional Steamers versus Travel Size Steamers 6 Facts About Clothes Everyone Thinks Are True Generally speaking, there are two types of steamers available in the market: large commercial steamers and the smaller hand held ones. The professional clothes steamer is great to use when there is often a lot of workload, while the hand held version is perfect for people who do not want their business or formal clothes to get wrinkled while they are traveling. To determine which type is the right choice for your particular needs, here are some things to consider about each one. A Quick Rundown of Equipment Features of a Commercial Clothes Steamer Commercial clothes steamers are perfect tools for effective housekeeping because they are very efficient in removing or getting rid of the wrinkles in clothes. Some of the full size fabric steaming models come with steam setting controls that can be adjusted according to the fabric being steamed as some require more heat than others. Commercial clothes steamers are a bit bulky and will take up some storage space; they are not as light or easy to use as the hand held units, but their performance is unbeatable. Features of a Hand Held Clothes Steamer Hand held clothes steamers are the most common ones and are also the easiest to use. They are easy to pack and some weigh as little as 1.5 pounds, making them ideal travel necessities because can be very handy when you experience issues with your pre-pressed business clothes getting all wrinkled up because of traveling. These units are perfect to be used for a short period only and they are not highly recommended for a long period of usage.

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